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Legal services


  • Merges and acquisitions
  • Purchase and selling of assets and companies
  • Due diligence
  • Legal audit
  • Venture capital investment
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Scheduling of corporate succession


  • Urbanism: management and legal advice in urban development. Partial developments, special plans, and establishment of boards of compensation.
  • Administrative appeals
  • Contentious-administrative proceedings
  • Environment
  • Appelings to economic-administrative Tribunal


  • Representation and defense before criminal jurisdiction
  • Complaint writing
  • Economic crimes
  • Compliance services for companies.

Civil Law

  • Obligations and contracts. Document writing and judicial claims.
  • Mortgage law. Formalizing of mortgages and security rights.
  • Family Law. Separations and divorces. Liquidation of joint assets.
  • Inheritance Law. Last will and testament.
  • Urban leases. Contract writing, eviction, etc.
  • Hidden defects in constructions. Builder liability.


  • Advice in labour law
  • Fulfilment of labour liabilities with employees and administration. Paycheck writing, contract writing, social security registration, representation before labour jurisdiction.
  • Labour inspections.
  • Pensions and disabilities.
  • Redundancies. Collective redundancies.


  • Legal advice for management boards
  • Company Law. Establishment of companies, advice on board meetings. Objection of partnership resolution.
  • Insolvency Law.
  • Banking Law.
  • Foreign trade.
  • Franchise consultancy. Establishment and market access, expansion and comprehensive advice.