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The firm

HIDALGO & DE MIGUEL ABOGADOS, S.L.P. is a firm with a great experience in the scope of legal advice composed by a skilled team in every single matter of law, meeting the most demanding needs that can take place in private or business scope.

Hidalgo & DeMiguel Abogados

Hidalgo & DeMiguel Abogados

The team is composed by seven lawyers and four social graduate, some of them with more than twenty-five years of experience before court. Having got, all of them, several masters, postgraduate studies and specialization courses. Our firm has two offices in Molina de Segura with an aim of expansion through the Region of Murcia.

In order to solve any incidence of our customers, we have signed several collaboration agreements with a wide range of law foreign firms allocated in countries such as United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France and Portugal. Furthermore, we collaborate with professionals from scopes linked to Law.

Nowadays, in addition to provide legal advice to a great number of local companies, we provide an expert service in M&A, franchise, foreign trade and customs regime.